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Where, Oh Where, Do YOU Begin? 

The options for utilizing a vitamin/supplement can be so overwhelming that you may not know where to begin! Do you know which vitamins/supplements would be best for you based on your unique needs, wants and/or conditions?

I hope you find the table below extremely helpful! If you have ANY questions or concerns, please feel free to email me directly. 

Our Promise to YOU: Bridgewater Chiropractic ONLY sells Top-Quality Vitamins / Supplements that are only sold to medical and chiropractic physicians. The quality of the vitamins you are receiving are nothing short of the very best. 

Essential Vitamins:
Where it Targets: What it Does:
Catalyn  Whole Body Maintenance  Best Multivitamin on Market
Tuna Omega 3  Whole Body Maintenance  Essential Fatty Acid 
Trace Minerals Whole Body Maintenance  Vitamin B-12

Vitamin Specific to Need (A-Z):
Where it Targets: What it Does:
A-F Beta Food Digestive Health Breaks Down Fat / Beet Supplement
Allerplex Seasonal Allergies  Seasonal Allergies
Catalyn  Whole Body Maintenance  Best Multivitamin on the Market 
Cruciferous Complete Cell Reproduction Detoxification of Cell Cultures
Congaplex Bacterial/Viral Infections  Fights Bacterial / Viral Infection 
Diaplex Supports those with Diabetes  Great for those with Blood Sugar Issues
Drenamin Stress / Adrenal Gland Natural Stress Reducer 
Glucosamine Synergy Supports Joints Whole Body Joint Support
Green Foods  Whole Body Maintenance  For those that don't eat vegetables daily 
Gymnema Sugar Suppressor Sugar suppressor             
Regulates blood sugar levels
Immuplex Immune System Supports Stronger Immune System
Ligaplex I Tissue /Ligament Repairing Great for Acute, Intense Pain
Livaplex (No) Gallbladder Supports those w/o GB break down fats they can't otherwise
Symplex F  Female Endocrine System: Thyroid, Adrenal, Ovary, Pituitary  Supports women's health after pregnancy and/or menopause
Trace Minerals B-12 Vitamin B-12 Whole Body Maintenance
Tuna Omega 3 Whole Body Maintenance
Essential Fatty Acids
Whole Body Maintenance, Metabolism, Inflammation
Zypan Acid Reflux

Supports the gastrointestinal pH & the environment of the gastrointestinal tract

"Best of the Valley" 2017 Gold Winner

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I was in a motor vehicle collision last year which really scared me. After 40 stitches in the head, a hospital stay, some drugs and continuous neck pain, I finally decided to see a Chiropractor. I have NEVER looked back. Not only did Dr. Bello work with my lawyer to submit documentation of my injuries for compensation, I have never received the type of one-on-one care I have from another healthcare professional. I now continue to see Dr. Bello twice a month for maintenance and slowly but surely I am getting back on my feet.

Bridgewater, PA


Vibration Massage Therapy helps relax the muscles, eliminates knots, trigger points, scar tissue and adhesions thus making it easier to adjust patients where they need it most. RRTMs only take between 10-15 minutes yet yields the same results as a Deep Tissue Massage in specific problem areas


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